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We can offer a variety of services to help all our clients complete their electronic design projects on time and in budget.

Analogue, digital and power electronics

We can work with you to develop a prototype for a new idea or solve issues with an existing design.

Not only does our team have extensive experience with circuit and PCB design, we can also help develop detailed specifications, evaluate feasibility and technology readiness. We have in-depth knowledge of all areas of electronic design – analogue, digital and power. We design prototypes with manufacture and compliance with standards in mind, so you can be confident of rapid progression from proof-of-concept to market ready product.

We can evaluate and debug existing designs – if you are finding recurring issues with an existing product or are simply looking to update an ageing design to meet evolving needs, we can help.

Embedded software

Whether it’s for a user interface or core functionality, good software is as important as the product itself.

Reliable software is as important as reliable hardware. Understanding how the two work together is crucial to developing a successful product. Whether it’s a graphical interface, communications or signal processing you need, we have the experience to make it happen. We write code with best practice in mind and follow reliable and safe coding standards. We take the same thorough approach to testing and optimising software as we do in any other part of our work.

Our extensive core software libraries are fully tested for reliability, so we can quickly implement the functionality you require with full confidence in the results.


Add to your in-house team's capabilities by receiving our practical training in a variety of specialist areas.

We offer one-day training courses in:

  • C programming for embedded systems
    This course covers best-practice tips and tricks for writing safe and efficient code.
  • Practical electronic circuit design
    In this session, you will learn and develop skills for reliable and practical circuit design.
  • Designing PCBs for performance and reliability
    Learn a variety of PCB design techniques, how to solve problems and balance budgets and performance.

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