About us

Based in Nottingham, we are an electronic and electrical design consultancy working with customers across the Midlands and the rest of the UK. We have a broad range of expertise in all aspects of electronic and electrical engineering and are able to offer a wide range of services to our customers — whether you are interested in remote data capture or industrial control systems, we are able to help.


We use our experience and expertise to work with clients in a variety of sectors, including:
By applying our mission, vision and aims, we can help our clients find practical and durable electronic design solutions on time and in budget.

Our vision

We believe in a professional commitment to the achieving and maintaining the highest levels of excellence in creating innovative solutions to engineering challenges. We are known for delivering reliable, efficient and sustainable results through our team’s dedication to honesty and credibility. We work with clients who are national and internationally respected in their field. We celebrate personal and professional development, high standards and gaining new knowledge and experiences.

Our mission

By providing a flexible approach to engineering challenges, Electric Innovation inspires creative solutions for our forward-thinking clients.

Our aims

"Create reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions for our clients"


To give our clients confidence in the functionality and endurance of the solutions we provide throughout their lifetime.


To give our clients reduced running, maintenance and support costs from usable designs with the features they want.


To give our clients confidence that their product does no unnecessary harm to people or animals, or the environment in which they live.

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